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Move-In Ready Space

One of our commitments is responding to customers' needs quickly and completely.

First Industrial is about trust and commitment. A cornerstone of this commitment is our High Occupancy Optimization Plan program ("HOOPs"). As an owner and operator of our portfolio, our business is to attract and retain customers for our properties. To do so, we are focused on maintaining our properties to be competitive within their markets and serve customers’ needs. Through HOOPs, we employ a comprehensive, highly detailed property optimization process to maximize our buildings' functionality. In addition, we invest in our available spaces to keep them painted, clean, up to code and in ready-to-move-in condition.

Whether you’re a current tenant beginning the renewal cycle or needing to expand or modify, or a prospective customer looking for a new home for your business, our portfolio and platform enables us to provide the space you need... exactly how and when you need it.